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Maybe there is a way to guide the solver towards the solution. For example, time "t" is always positive t>0 and so on.

Also, is there another way to drive the solution towards the Steady State ?

If I give initial conditions i(0)=0, v(0)=0 and so on, it solves it but it takes 3000 cycles to reach steady state. I want the solution directly in Steady State.

@Carl Love Thank you! That solved it !

One more thing: which one is better to make the periodic function? The way you explained in the old post I am quoting or the way I did it ?

This is using your function:

Periodic := proc (f::appliable, ab::(range(realcons))) local a, b, F, P, S; a, b := op(evalf(ab)); subs([F = eval(f), P = b-a, S = (1/2)*a+(1/2)*b], proc (x) options operator, arrow; `if`(x::realcons, F(frem(x-S, P)+S), ('procname')(args)) end proc) end proc;
F__periodic := Periodic(proc (t) options operator, arrow; piecewise(0 <= t and t <= d/fs, Vin, d/fs < t and t < 1/fs, 0) end proc, 0 .. 1/fs);


thank you !! That solved it. Best regards !


You make it look so easy. Thank you very much !


Thank you very much !!


Sorry for keep asking, but now I have a different problem. I do not know how to acess the "x" values

If I do:

S:=seq(.... what you shown)

S[2,2] for example, it gives me "x = (1.387268082, 1.440652559)"

But how do I acess each element from x=... ,which is equation type?


Basically, the final result that I want is to plot the "min(x) vs theta" and "max(x) vs theta" where the plot is made with values from the list. That is why I need to acess each "x" from the list, extract the maximum and minimum into 2 different lists, and then plot it against "theta"


Would you mind to help me ?

Best regards !


that solve the post question.


However, how could I extend this to work if i use Vout/Vline, here Vline is another list of values, instead of Vout/120 in the Left Hand Side of the equation ?




Sorry, here it is.


Thank you very much ! The question is solved. It was exactly what I wanted to know.

@Preben Alsholm Thank you for giving me those awsome directions. That was what I was looking for.

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you. That is what I have been looking for.

@Preben Alsholm Alsholm I don't know how to thank you, I don't have words... THANKS FOR YOUR TIME !

Ok so the comand to use is solve(equation you want to solve, variable of the equation).

But if I put pi instead of PI Maple gives me the general solution or what ? Why one term is positive meanwhile the other one is negative? What is the difference ?... I don't understand.


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