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I have been in commercial engineering consulting for 15 years. Primary areas are in hardware design in RF/microwave, power conversion, physical optics, signal processing and PCB design with signal integrity analysis. I have written one book on Maple with Dr. Steve Adams entitled, "Applied Maple for Engineers and Scientists" and one with co-editor Dr. John Caulfield entitled, "Optical Interconnections: Foundations & Applications."

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Have the following integral to solve in Maple (2020):

Cap_Unit_Length := int((epsilon_0*epsilon_r*d*sqrt(1+(T*Pi*S)^2))/(epsilon_r*S*theta*tan(theta/2)+2*t),theta=0..Pi);

As Maple cannot find a closed expression, it returns the original input.  Is there any other approach in Maple I can use to attack this expression?  BTW, this is the expression for the distributed capacitance in a twisted wire pair.


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