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 So I've just reinstalled 3 times for nothing I guess. But I swear the full library commands do work on the machines at my University and it's the same version. Is there a way to restore the full commands menu on right-click? Could the site admins somehow manage to force Maple 2019.1 to have the old right-click full commands menu?





Still, right-click gives limited Context Menu for editing but no command tree


Retried the test, getting large code. See the attached files. Anything else I could try? I've contacted our IT admins and they told me to bring my PC, because they never encountered such issue

I'm one step away from formatting the PC and reinstalling Windows then Maple... I really rather not do it...





OK, with typesetting set to standard instead of extended,everything is displayed as text input. By the way, no iisues with SP 2018.1, the issue only happens after SP 2018.2.1 update...


Update: even the context menu is missing with V2018 (right click on a parameter does not load the full commands menu...)


Is v2018 not compatible with Win8.1? I had to revert back to v2017.3, but niw when I copy and paste a matrixI get this text: _rtable[18446745111172485310] instead of the copied matrix...





@Joe Riel 


Thank you!






For some reason I'm unable to use the Directsearch module:


DirectSearch:-GlobalOptima((x[1]-1)^2+(x[2]-1)^2+(x[3]-1)^2, {x[1]*(x[2]^2+x[3]^2+1) >= 8, seq(op([x[i] >= 1, x[i] <= 2]), i = 1 .. 3)});


Getting this error:

Error, `DirectSearch` does not evaluate to a module


I tried with(Optimization) as well as with(DirectSearch), but did not help...



OK, I change the sum function into Sum (capital S) and now it no longer tries to evaluate. What is the difference between sum() and Sum() ??



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