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I've just installed Maple latest + MapleSim with the license provided by my university (I use VPN with a secure key to remotely access server license. Everything works fine, except for the context menu. It seems that the context menu module is missing! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but did not help.


I went back to the campus and checked Maple installation on computers there, and this problem is absent (context menu is working fine).


I can only use the context menu toolbar on the right... but this is not very convenient. 

What could be the problem? See the attached image.






I want to create a Heaviside function called MyStep() which will behave exactly like the built in Heaviside with one exception: for MyStep(0) it will return 1 instead of undefined.


MyStep(t) = 0, 0<t

MyStep(t) = 1, else





I've just upgraded from v2017.3 to 2018. It worked OK until I installed latest service pack 2018.2.1 (server license provided by my University). Ever since I cannot use Maple. Anything I type I get Typesetting:-mparsed(...) error and the text/command I typed.


I’ve contacted our software tech support and they told me to change the typesetting level from advanced to standard and it did fix the problem.


But why does it happen in the first place? I’m running Windows 8.1 64bit. Out tech support told me to has something to do with 3D display issue on my machine and told me to bring my laptop on Monday to see if they can resolve the issue.


Anyone else have this problem? Why didn’t it happen with older Maple versions? What am I missing by using standard typesetting instead of the default advanced?










I need help creating a proceadure that does the following:


It takes two lists of the same length N   (0<N<inf), one is the numerical pivote list P and the other is a symbolic target list S.


Lets say for the simple case of N=3 that we input:





First the proceadure will sort the Pivote list P, which will result in a local variable Ps=[14.3,22.5,78.2]


Next it will generate the rearanged indices of S when it was transformed into Ps, meaning the sort indices rearangment from [1,2,3] in S into [2,1,3] in Ps. This will result in another local variable PSI=[2,1,3]


Finally, the proceadure will use PSI to rearange (sort by proxy) the target list P, which in this case will result in the folowing output of [x[2],x[1],x[3]], where x[i] can be either symbolic variable or numeric.


So what I need is to use numeric list P to sort a non numeric list S of the same size.


I'd appreciate any tips or usefule commands that I can use in this proceadure. 







I want to create a function that sort an array with a parametric variable alpha[k]. But Maple ignores the sort command, so the array never gets sorted. Please see attached url to creen capture of the problem:




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