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Hello, I try to solve the equations of the odometric model with the Maple 2024 but I have not the answers as with the hands, can you help me to verify it ?

dsolve(diff(phi(t), t) = tan(10*t)/5)

dsolve(diff(x(t), t) = V*cos(ln(1 + tan(10*t)^2)/100))

dsolve(diff(y(t), t) = V*sin(ln(1 + tan(10*t)^2)/100))

Best regards, Edern Ollivier.

Dear people,

I have resolved the primitives of the equation of the odometric model.

I have plotted them to the Maple interface and I was thinking that it can have been done by the solver.

Nevertheless it has not been possible to do it.

Can you tell me if a package of Maple can resolve it ?

Best regards,

Edern Ollivier.

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