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@dharr that was the solution, thanks a lot!

@tomleslie Thank you so much for your educative help. Enjoy Holloween

@dharr  Thank you for your reply. I was able to use Bloodpath now as upper limit in my plot and in the ODE; I could solve my conversion issue by: P__b := convert(convert(P__baroCor, 'units', 'mmHg'), unit_free)

However your solution sol(Bloodpath) for getting the value at Bloodpath does not seem to work Could you help me out once more?

Thanks in advance

Dear Tom, I have two more little questions. Pb is P_baroCor but when I make this unit free it gives the value of the calculation in Pa whereas I would need to have the value in mmHg 327 (without units). How can I achieve that?

A second question is related to the plot you define x = 0..10 I would like to replace 10 by BloodPath so that the plot is giving the correct range when I change the value for BloodPath is this possible?

What is the most convenient way to obtain the value of the ODE  at x=BloodPath?

Thank again for you help as making a transition from one to another software is always a bit more cumbersone than anticipated.

All the best Filip

@tomleslie Dear Tom, thank you so much for your swift response. Although also in mathcad ODE solving does not allow units it was quite easy to disable them before the ODE and enable them afterwards. Is this possible in a more or less simple fashion in Maple? Thank you for your help. Filip

As I could not find out to edit my previous message I have added the file in this reply. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Although it was inconvenient, it did the trick. Thank you for your assistance

@Samir Khan 

First of all I would like to thank you for the many instructive video you made to help newbies like myself. Thank you for providing the correct syntax. Is there somewhere a good instruction manual present that explains the coolprop thermodynamics package?  

Dear Preben, thank you for your rapid reply! That works fine 


Dear Acer, thank you so much this solved my issue. I just have one remaining question why do you have to use combine in this situation? I would expect that Maple would automatically do this conversion.

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