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After MAPLE 18 , every new release stand in more narrow platform ! until this 2019 version that is available only for 64 bit os !
and I personally yet use maple 18 even today on xp and works so great for me , I don't know whether Maplesoft gathered a comprehensive votes of useres on the most popular platforms selected by users ?
I wish MAPLESOFT don't stop making updates for older versions ...

your sincerely Fereydoon Shekofte
appreciate for spending of your valuable time on students !

Is it right that every kind and form of curves may be demonstrated by Fourier transform or in other words every curve is just some of SINs and COSs ?
If yes, why for approximating the mentioned curve , the Fourier transform did'nt discuss in this case ?

or except polynomial fit and splin interpolation other approaches are available in Maple ?


thanks a lot for definition , so far i did'nt see any document that historicaly recorded this link between parabola and dissecting area ...

so this can be a new thesis ?

indeed you are Genius !

your maths are so advanced and i need to think about them some hours ...

i hope by incresing my knowledge i can contribute in your work



innovative idea !
but it needs Disambiguations  ?
imagination of such probe in three dimension is slighly hard and may be offered in many forms !
please more clarify your purpose ?
your sincerely Shekofte 


I guess there are some open source or online astronomical databases !
how about to make some compatibility with them ?
the one i tried ...

@djc  great topic !

I wish Maple 2019 provide the ultimate Visualization and Plotting Environment based the latest technologies of NVIDIA and other GPU vendors .

both openGl and Directx routines ...

Just as a simple example backface culling did'nt supported yet in polygon plots ?

thanks a lot @Lenin Araujo Castillo

@Samir Khan
 ... is so great !

@Kitonum thanks a lot

May you extend this simulation to a more complicated movement of a Dice in random flavor?


I do research on magic squares too

Hope i can release some applications

Greedy follow for similar image processing methods

@Rouben Rostamian  


So welcome and thanks a lot 

To important cases you mentioned


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