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These are questions asked by Filippo

Hello everyone, we are doing some excercises on graphs. The commands PetersenGraph and GeneralisedPetersenGraph only draw an indirected one, and i was wondering, is there a way to draw a directed Petersen graph?

Hello everyone.

I've took part in a math competition and we use Maple 15 as software to solve the various problems. We, apart from solving the problems, to correct and give a score to 4 other participants per problems. We have to download their solution and read it and then valuate it. However one of the files is .maple and not .mw. How can I open it? The tutors said to us that we just have to change extension and copy-paste the content into another document, but the the program doesn't let me copy the text (it's a mess) because "it's too big to be copied". I have obviously asked them how to solve this since what they said isn't working, but they didn't answer...

So, does anyone know how I could convert a file from .maple to .mw and still see the document as it was intended?

Hi everyone! I was writing this code for an interactive component, when I stumbled into a problem that I couldn't solve...

Here is the code.

use DocumentTools in 
if type(Do(%NIniziale), posint) then
    if Do(%NIterazioni)<=100 then
        if type(Do(%NIterazioni), posint) then
            Do(%E="Valid Values!");
     Iterazioni:=proc (N, i) 
         local m, n;
         for m from 1 to i do 
             if type(n, even) = true then
                 n := Even; 
                     n := Odd; 
                     end if;
                     end do; 
                     return (SetCellFormula("Risultati", i, 1, eval(n)));
                     end proc;
if Do(%NIterazioni)<100 then
seq(SetCellFormula("Risultati", x, 1, "//"), x=1+ix..100);
end if;
            Do(%E="Inavalid Values");
            seq(SetCellFormula("Risultati", x, 1, "ERROR"), x=1..100);
            end if;
                Do(%E="Invalid Values");
                seq(SetCellFormula("Risultati", x, 1, "ERROR"), x=1..100);
            end if;
                Do(%E="Invalid Values");
                seq(SetCellFormula("Risultati", x, 1, "ERROR"), x=1..100);
            end if;
end use; 

Now this are what the names stands for:

%Pari is a math conainer in which there is a function of n that is to be used when n is even;

%Dispari is a math conainer in which there is a function of n that is to be used when n is odd;

"Risultati" is the name of a spreadsheet on which the results will be displayed;

%NIterazioni is a math conainer in which there is a posint that indicates how many times the procedure is to be iterated;

%NIniziale is a math conainer in which there is the starting number (another posint) to which on which the procedure will operate;

%E is a text area that will signal the validity of the input.

What I wanted to do was a procedure that reiterated two function on a given number a given amount of times and returned the result of every passage, however, when computing, it returns the function in n and not the final numbers. 

Here is what I mean! (Click for the link, hope Google Drive doesn't break the code when downloaded.).

I have opened the Spread package in the startup-code, and I really want to use the spreadsheet even though it is deprecated in newer versions. When you'll open, the function will be the ones of the Collatz Conjecture, however I want it to be able to iterate any function of n, which will be acquired via input, and will be to the user's choice.

I tried everything that came to my mind: using text area, assigning n outside of the preocedure, using evalf, eval, putting the return inside the if system, opening and closing a do inside "then" and one isndide "else" , changing names and everything... But I couldn't solve it. on the internet and on the MapleHelp I didn't find anything.

So can anyone tell me ( most importantly) why it doens't compute the formulas and just leaves them as input and (less important then the why, but still important and would appreciate) how can it be solved? Thanks to everyone even if you just read this, I know it is amybe a little too much.

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