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So here are the first two terms in the first element of the vector that I have.  I want the leading coefficient of the w2 term to be 1.  Basically I am trying to simplify this equation wrt a non-linear term, which complicates things even further.  I am not even sure if I can get Maple to do this since I have variables of w and t, there is a w term in cos(), and I want to simplify based on a non-linear term.


That is exactly what I am looking for!  As you mentioned, a little bit of "prettifying" is required but that gets me to a point where I can just spend some time making the graph look better.


Thanks for your time.  Thanks to anyone else who also worked on finding a solution.

@Doug Meade 


The program is an older computational fluid dynamics code written by our teacher, where we have a 2D chamber with solid walls on the bottom and sides.  The top of the chamber has a moving plate which creates vorticity within the chamber.  The calculations are fairly simple, using arrays and finite differencing formulas.

I would most certainly say that the code can be rewritten in Maple, I just hadn't taken the time to rewrite it.  Since the code works, I thought it would be easiest and quickest to use the older Fortran code and move the results into Maple where some of the more advanced features, like creating plots, are easier to program.

Update: I have the solution in Matlab so I would say that my problem has been solved.  No need for anyone to spend additional time trying to come up with solutions.


Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the quick response tomleslie.  The problem I am having with fieldplot is that it seems Maple is looking for a function.  I dont actually have a function in Maple because the FORTRAN code is doing the calculations; therefore, I cannot provide a function to the fieldplot command.

Since I have over 1200 data points, I attached the Excel values for the velocity vectors and the Maple worksheet that I have tried to get to run.  I left the worksheet in the form that MATLAB would use for the quiver function, but I have tried many other combinations for listing vectors and ranges for the fieldplot function.  Hopefully this helps.



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