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Hello all,

I have a vector with 3 rows and each row is an equation with 2 variables.  What I am wanting to do is simplify based on the leading coefficient of one of the variables to make the equation a monic polynomial wrt that variable, primarily because it will allow me to quickly check the eigenvalues of the system.  Here is a basic example of what I want to do:

2*x+1 --> x+1/2

Any ideas? Ive tried combinations of simplify, factor, and collect and have gotten nowhere.

Hello all, first time posting here.  Anyways, I am trying to make a velocity vector plot from known u and v velocity components at known x and y locations i.e. at (0.1, 0.1), u=-0.5 m/s and v=0.43 m/s.  My calculations have been performed with a FORTRAN code, and the results output in matrix format.  What I am left with are 4 vectors: x location, y location, u velocity component, and v velocity component.  I know that MATLAB has a specific function, called "quiver," for creating a velocity vector plot from known data points (through the use of vectors containing those points).  I have trouble believing that there is not an equivalent function, however convoluted it may be, in Maple to create these plots.  I have tried to manipulate the fieldplot, vectorplot, and arrow functions to no avail.

Any ideas on how to create a velocity vector plot from known data points?  I am using Maple 18.

Here is a link to an example of what I am looking for:

Thanks, Brandon.

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