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I´m trying to create a 3D-plot of the following data

0.25Y               0.5Y               1Y               2Y               5Y               10Y

In order to optimize a large number of datasets I integrated the GlobalSolve command from the OptimizationToolbox
in a for loop. The code (in short form) looks like this:

for i from  1 to 100 do
data(i):= "read data from external file":
Z:= "function to optimize based on data(i)":
B:=GlobalSolve(Z, a=0..2, b=0..2, c=0..2, timelimit=6000):
->Solution of optimization is exported to external file
end do:


I am new with Maple and encountered the following problem.

The following code opens Excel Workbooks (Test1.xls, Test2.xls,...) and stores the values in the
variable data. data is then used to perform a simple operation (second and third for statement),
which calculates curvature.

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