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These are questions asked by Gui314

If for example I type :

`assuming`([dsolve({-7 = a(x)^2*b(x), a(x) = 3*b(x)}, {a(x), b(x)})], [(b(x))::real])

It gives out this :

`assuming`([dsolve({-7 = a(x)^2*b(x), a(x) = 3*b(x)}, {a(x), b(x)})], [(b(x))::real])

I want dsolve to know I'm using real numbers so it gives out something like :

[{a(x) = -21^(1/3)}, {b(x) = (-21^(1/3))*(1/3)}]

I tried some assumptions and stuff like assume(a,real), but I didn't manage to figure it out.


If that matters, I'm using Maple 18 student.


EDIT : I know dsolve is not necessary for this particular example, but I want to know if it's possible with dsolve or maybe an other tool that can handle ODE.


Thank you in advance !


I have purchased Maple 2015 Student Edition a few months ago.  Now, I was about to buy MapleSim Student Edition and I saw that MapleSim include a license of Maple. 

If I buy MapleSim and Maple,  I would pay 198$ even if I could have bought only MapleSim and still get both products? 

Can I get MapleSim Student without Maple at a lower price? 

Maybe the version of Maple included in MapleSim has less features and that's why the cost of MapleSim and Maple are the same? 

Thanks in advance!  

I did some search on Google and on this website, but I haven't found anything. 

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