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Dear Experts,

I am new user. I need your help!

I have numerical values of omega (w) and a2F(w) (500 rows). I need to do cumulative summation to get lambda(w) using   lambd=2 int (a2F(w)/w  dw). Please help me how can I do it?

Best Wishes,

Enamul Haque

Dear all,


I am a new user of Maple. I want to perform a simple (to me, it is very difficult) integration  defined as follows 

range from 0 to omega (frequency). alpha^2F (omega) is constant function with set of values (already calculated) for the corresponding frequency. I have calculated the frequencies ranging from 54 to 900 cm-1. Suppose I have alpha^2F(omega)=0, 0.5,0.6,0.7......0.1 for omega=58, 80, 110, 190,.....800, how can I perform this integration  in Maple? Please help me how can I cope with this problem.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


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