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Dear @acer 

Thank you so much. The image data were totally different. I want that the uploaded data should show same trend of variations. It looks almost fine. But negative value is unexpected. It should not give any any negative value. May be it is better to take |a2F(w)|? Thank you again for your great information and help. Ihave really appreciated it. 

Best Regards,


Dear tomleslie 3529,

Thank you so much for your help. Hope you are quite well. I have learned  from experts that we can take cumulative sum. I have omega (w) and (a2F(w)). I need to do cumulative summation to get lambda(w) using   lambd=2 int (a2F(w)/w  dw). Please help me how can I do it?

Best Wishes,

Enamul Haque


Thank you! I am sorry for late reply and error in data. I have updated the file. Please check it.


Thanks again!

Best Regards,



Dear tomleslie 3529,

Thank you very much for your response! I have attached a data file. Please see it. I have already calculated alpha^2F(omega). So just we need to perform the integration for variable omega from zero to omega or infinity.

Please check it.

Best wishes!
Download Data.txt


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