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Hello there..I tried to plot this program n somehow it didnt work.. I dont know how to fix it (I'm a beginner user)..Can anyone help me?? Please..

Thanks a lot


hmin := .2;

tclose := 150;

topen := 120;

B0 := 0; B1 := 800; dB := (B1-B0)*(1/100);

B := dB*i+B0;

xcoor := [seq(B, i = 0 .. 99)];

ycoor := [seq(fsolve(tclose*ln((1-(1-hmin)*exp((-B+APD)/topen))/hmin) = APD), i = 0 .. 99)];


P := plot(xcoor, ycoor);



Anyone here know how to use the read command. I tried to use it to call and run the particular code but it didnt work. It produce this such error 

> read "02ExactSoln.m";
Error, could not open `02ExactSoln.m` for reading

I have no idea how to fix it. Or do I need to locate the code in any specific folder. 




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