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@acer I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Since it was a part of the project, we don't have permission to reveal the full code. I hope you understand the situation. Instead of that, we tried to create a similar problem and wanted to post it here. During that time, we found that the problem came from the variable name (we used Gamma as a variable name, which leads to the error). 

Thank you very much for support us. I appreciate your comments!

The problem came from the variable name. For example, it should not be a mathematical notation such as Gamma, gamma,...

@tomleslie Thanks for your comment. I updated the screenshot of the problem.

This error has happened in the MapleSim 2017 version.

@Joe Riel Please see the msim file in your mailbox. Thank you so much for the help and the upgrade of the next release of MapleSim. I'm waiting for it. 

@Joe Riel thank you so much and sorry for my lately replying. I understood your idea and I tried to change all the port's names then it worked when I click "Check Dimension" button. In the "Check Dimension" tab, it showed "No issues found", then I move to "Component Generation", after editing the Component name and click "Generate MapleSim Component", this error popped out as in the photo. Do you know any reason for that?

@Joe Riel  thank you for your help. Hope you could fix it.

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