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intsolve indeed enables the solution of simple linear integral equations of Fredholm or Volterra types, but this capability is weak:  much more powerful means for non-linear equations have been devised for symbolic computation but these have not yet been implemented in Maple -- long overdue.

I respectfully suggest that you download Mathematics for Chemistry from www.cecm.sfu.ca (follow the link from the home page), and try to learn the commands in chapter 0, which is all about Maple operations, no chemistry.

The least pocket calculator in the world is more than adequate for this calculation.  Maple is excessive for this


In fact, if one first assigns the equality to a name and then commands "solve('name', x), the expected answer appears directly.

     In Robert Israel's enlightening response, for the left sides of the equations written as (a^(x+2))^(1/3) and

(a^(x-5))^(1/2), would there be any semantic difference if the fractional powers were replaced with surd signs for cube and square roots respectively?

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