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Dear Sir

I apologize, because I do not usually make manipulations in the System (Mac OsX)

While typing  cat( kernelopts( mapledir ), "/lib" ), I found the path to my Maple system library folder.

And by using the Unix terminal on my eMac, I see that this folder does not include a (old) file Physics2017.mla, but the following ".mla" files: MTM.mla, MathematicalFunctions.mla, maple.mla, update.mla.

For the moment, I do not dare copy the new Physics2017.mla in the library folder.

Is there not a possibility of conflicting some ".mla" files, e.g.  "update.mla" ?

Dear Sir,

I have a problem with the command. In order to learn the use of this command for Feynman Diagrams, I loaded the help page [Physics,FeynmanDiagrams], I tried the given example  by accurately applying the indicated commands, i.e.

after setting Physics[Setup](mathematicalnotation = true);

"Coordinates(X, Y, Z)", next the Langrangian example  "L := lambda*phi(X)^4+sigma*eta(X)^3", then the command


The error maessage is :

"Error, unexpected result from Typesetting" ,and also "

"Error, unexpected result from Typesetting".

Note these errors appear also in the help page itself.

When I click on the link included in the error message, I go on a web page indicating "There is no help page available for this error", and they recommend to discuss my problem with Maple experts on MaplePrimes.

I sew that _NP represent the normal product of fields.

Could you say me, please, where is the error ?

Many thanks




Hello all,

I would like to know how to make computations on Quantum Field Theory questions.

For example: to write Feynman diagrams for some interactions, obtain the S matrix of scattering amplitude, then deduce the diffrential cross section.

If anyone is working on these issues in the Maple community, I would be very interested.

Best regards

Jean-Luc Paillet

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