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These are questions asked by Jamie128

I have been using the RaiseLowerIndices to go from covectors to contravariant vectors.

RaiseLowerIndices(Contravariant_form_of _metric, One_Form, [1])

The above gives me the right answer.
But the following also gives me an answer which is different. I just dont know what it is calculating.

RaiseLowerIndices(Contravariant_form_of _metric, One_Form, [1,1]).

Could someone tell me what it is calculating?

I am trying to see if there is a way to submit maple code as a worksheet and get results back as worksheets in a cluster. 

If I have a pde with multiple constants (for example a and b) in them such that some are fixed constants (say k) and some terms are undetermined constants , how do I put that in a PDE such that Maple knows to solve the equation not for arbritary k (in case no solution exists), but any k such that k is not a function of the differentiating variable.

Given a list of equations say: eq1 := [diff(kk(r), r) = 0, ff(r)*1/2 = 0], how would i extract just the left hand side of each element ?
[diff(kk(r), r) , ff(r)*1/2 ]

For example when I run a worksheet, if there is an error, maple simply prints the error and moves on to the next step. Is there a way to do that with loops.
The try and catch statements are a bit cumbersome and sometimes you have to predict the kind of error statements you may face.

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