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I need this quite often, but never found a nice way of getting the index of minimal or maximal value of a Vector (or a list or whatever). Is there an easier way than the following?

N := 15:
L := LinearAlgebra[RandomVector](N):
m := min(L):
for i to N do if L[i] = m then print(i); break end if end do;

I got an MS Excel file where the matrix (7054x60) is created and the last row of the matrix is used for optimization of its (the matrix) values. In Maple you can create the matrix as follows:

M := Matrix(7054, 60):
for i to 10 do M[1, i] := 1 end do:

Mat_proc := proc(x)
  local i, j;
  global M;
  for i from 2 to 7054 do

I am trying to compute the diffusion coefficient from the diffusion equation. I can compute the analytical solution and evaluate it for the parameters I know and for the known time t to get this function:


One of my friends would like to buy a book about solving multiple integrals and/or ordinary differential equations with Maple (some newer version, let's say 13 and newer).

I know about this site: http://www.maplesoft.com/books/, but can anyone recommend some book(s) which is (are) worth buying?

I was solving one Math puzzle and found out a strange behaviour of the Optimization package commands in the Classic Worksheet.

Let us minimize the function 7*x+3*y under the constraint 6*x+2*y >= 49 for non-negative integers. When I type

Optimization:-Minimize(7*x+3*y, {6*x+2*y >= 49}, assume = nonnegint);

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