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Hi, I have a small problem. I want to export code to Matlab. The code is mostly a long expression with some named constants. The constants are set to some values in Maple and in Maple only the x-variables are therefore unknown in the expression. However, in the exported code, some of the constants are not replaced by their values. Does someone have a clue what this depends on? Best regards Johan
Hi, I have a small problem about returning the result from dsolve from a function in a package. In principle the problem can be described as: Package[Function] := proc.... dsolve(differential equation in x(t),numeric,method=mebdfi); end proc; In Maple: solution := Function(....); odeplot(solution,[t,x(t)],t=0..1); The result is the error message: Error, (in odeplot) curve is not fully specified in terms of the ODE solution, found additional unknowns {x(t)}, which in some way depend on that if I write subs(solution(0.5),x(t)); I get x(t) as result, ie, not the value of x(t) in t=0.5 which happens if I run the same stuff only in Maple command window.
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