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I am having problem with dsolve when known input functions are supplied. The code works fine in Maple 10, but not in Maple 11. The error I get in Maple 11 is the following:

Error, (in icp) unable to store '0.2800000000000000000000e-1*s[11](t)' when datatype=float[8]

where s[11](t) then is the known function.

Are there any changes in the call of dsolve? I cannot see any changes in the manual.

Thanks in advance! 

Best regards

Johan Sjöberg

Hi, I have a small problem. I want to export code to Matlab. The code is mostly a long expression with some named constants. The constants are set to some values in Maple and in Maple only the x-variables are therefore unknown in the expression. However, in the exported code, some of the constants are not replaced by their values. Does someone have a clue what this depends on? Best regards Johan
Hallo, I have a problem with LSSolve that is quite strange. When I give the command Optimization:-LSSolve( e ); I get the error "invalid optional parameter or workspace size", while if I send the same problem data to the other solvers, ie, as Optimization:-Minimize( e^2 ); or as Optimization:-NLPSolve( e^2 ); it seems to work, despite the fact that the same solution method is used (method = modifiednewton). The problem does also depend on the size of the problem. If e is small and contains only 4 variables it works with all the solvers, but if it contains 6 variables or more LSSolve doesn't.
Hi, I have a small problem. I want to use the Schurform computation in the LinearAlgebra-package. The main objective is to compute the stabilizing solution to a Algebraic Matrix Riccati equation. (perhaps someone knows some code for this?) I call the SchurForm function as (T,Z) := SchurForm(A,output=['T','Z']) where A has the correct type (ie complex(sfloat)). This works well in a Maple sheet, but in a procedure (where T and Z are defined local) the kernel says that the output chosen is invalid. If I don't specify any output, it also works good (but then I get no Z). The Maple version is 10 and I am using Linux.
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