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Hi, I'm trying to find the first ten roots of the equation:

sin(a*Pi)*sqrt(4*a^2+3)*cos(sqrt(4*a^2+3)*Pi)+sin(sqrt(4*a^2+3)*Pi)*a*cos(a*Pi) = 0

But fsolve only finds one root, and not necessarily the first one. So I'm having a difficult time getting the first 10 roots without preknowledge of the intervals to search in. (I can obviously plot it, but there are some other parameters which affect this equation and I can't manually find the intervals every time I change them).

I'm using Maple 16 on Mac mountain lion.

Trying to export a densityplot animation with 150 frames, but when I export as a gif the file it creates is empty.

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


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