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that did it man. thanks.



now can i ask you,  how do i get rid of the "csgn" in the below ? it only happens with 1/3 of the variations of this exercise. thanks.


i now have


at the start of my worksheet.


ok. i tried the upper bound of pi/4 and that resulted in 2. so... thanks guys...

that was it robert, thanks man...

what are 'comon notations' ?

can you show me the code that results ina carrorect answer whic is 2.

gaah ! is that all it was ? i typed in the graphical radical symbol from the 'Expression' left bar, it doesn't show on the original post. so the 'int' statement doesn't like it's own Maple input ? in any case, thanks for clearing that up for me.
i solved it, it was this tmax := fsolve((D(Ddist))(t), t = 1 .. 2); i was trying to solve an invalid range and maple spits out garbage when it can't solve. sorry for the false alarm.
Alec, Yeah ! That did it. I thank you again for your help.
i removed the 1/5. thanks. you saved my ass ;-) restart; H := t->surd(1+t^3*cos(t), 5) end proc;Res := ((D@@5)(H))(Pi);simplify(Res); evalf(%) 0.1539798515
thanks. i tried that: h := t-> surd((1+t^3*cos(t))^(1/5), 5); ((D@@5)(h))(Pi); evalf(%); simplify(%) and i now get a different complex answer: 0.0667880766 + 0.00843729634 I 0.06678807660 + 0.008437296340 I hmmm...
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