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for Thomas Calculus 11.2.19, the sequence below  Maple repeats back the sequence again.  how do i get it to show an EXACT ANSWER like the 3rd statement below ?



 How do I get rid of the 'I" in the 1st limit shown ? (The answer should be 3/2). The 2nd limit looks fine.


I get "hypergeom" with Thomas Calculus exercise 5.6.15 for some unknown reason. the other exercises don't get this. See it at:

how can i get rid of the "hypergeom" in the answer ?

Thomas Exercise 5.6.39 won't integrate on Maple. I tried it using int, simplify, eval, etc. But the answer won't show. The exercise is shown below.

f := sec(x)^2;
Int(f, x = 0 .. 5*Pi*(1/4)) = int(f, x = 0 .. 5*Pi*(1/4))

I enter the above in Mape 12 Student Edition, and the answer is infinity, but it's obviously 1.

How can I get Maple to display the obvious ?

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