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Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and Eigenspaces Worksheet and Video Tutorial

RSA Algorithm Worksheet and Video Tutorial

Hi! The following worksheet illustrates how you can use determinants in a variety of geometric applications. The worksheet outlines how you can determine the area of a triangle or a parallelogram, and the volume of a tetrahedron or parallelepiped using a determinant containing the coordinates of vertices. The worksheet also shows you how to obtain the equation of a plane through three points, and to determine if three points are collinear, or four poin

Hi there! The following worksheet contains 3 examples that show you how to solve a linear system. The 3 examples outline linear systems that have solution sets containing 1 point, infinitely many points, or no points. Given a set of equations, the worksheet demonstrates how Maple can be used to convert these equations into a matrix, how to row-reduce the matrix, and how to determine the solution of the system. Then using Maple's Linear System Plot Tuto

Hi! The following worksheet considers two methods for using given bases to find the change-of-coordinate matrices and coordinate vectors. One method uses matrix manipulation and the second uses the solving of systems of equations. The worksheet uses a Brief Review to describe both processes and the examples are used to show you how to use both processes as well as to illustrate how they are related.
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