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These are questions asked by Lali_miani

the function rationalize simplify rational expression that contains complicated expression but in this example it doesn't work



it gives to me the same expression why ?


can anyone explain to me the  meaning of this result ?

1-Write a Maple ProcInserer procedure (x, pos, L) that inserts the element x into L at position pos.
 2- Write an inverse procedure (L) taking as argument a list L and returning the list obtained by inverting L in the decreasing direction of the indices.

Write a procedure that says whether or not an item a is in a  list L, and at which place (if there are several times the same item, you can return the place of the first, or the list of places of all the occurrences of a).

i want to prove that :int(2*(sin(theta)/cos(theta))^2*p-1,theta=0..Pi/2)=Pi/sin(p*Pi), can anyone help me ?

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