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@Mac Dude 
Thanks, exactly what i was looking for!
Maple is great but all these evalf, eval and now evalc nuances are hard to find out.


Woah, i gave a really bad example, sorry

I think this one is closer

i have a complex function
absolute value (k)-2=0

I need to find 2 real roots of f.

Here is plot of absolute value of my function (red) and constant i'm substracting - how do i find the intersection?

Okay i need something different
I have a real variable - frequency f and a complex function of it

k(f)=2+f*j  for example

That can be rewrited to polar form of complex number


Then i work with absolute value |k(f)|


And want to find real solutions for f. Sadly to no avail i get right answers. I'm guessing there is another command to find absolute value and argument of complex number and have it in equations?

Sry - don't know yet how to put math correctly here - first time.

Document if it helps


Oops, typed wrong the second one. TBH that actually has 4 roots 0, -2*I, -I-1, -I+1, but only shows two

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