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I have a complex equation EQ, it gives me 4 answers - two complex, one negative and one positive. Which assumptions do i need to use to automatically get one answer - real and positive one?

I tried similary to what I did with real equations:
simplify(solve(EQ)) assuming real, positive
But that didn't work

How do i make output (that blue part i get after pressing Enter) go in one line? Sometimes it's easier to look at one line of answer (even if it is longer than all other parts of the documents) than to look through row after row of equations.

And also - is there a way to hide output? There are many not important equations and i want to see only a few plots and a result. How do i hide outputs - because when i just delete them - maple deletes associated variables.

So have to calculate frequency response of RLC-circuit
Long story short - I can't get how to solve something like this
solve(abs(I+x) = 1)
Obv - the answer is 0 or -I, but i get 1-I, -1-I instead

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