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Please help to solve the equation 

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .



I am a research scholar in mathematics

I am currently working on fluid mechanics

I wish to obtain the solution given in the research article

I am uploading the pdf containing problem.

In the paper they mentioned that " Shooting method" is used.

Please anyone help me regarding this topic

File : 1.pdf

Thank you

How to obtain a dual branch solution in Maple.

Is there any specific method is there to get these type of solutions.

I have attached the document.

Link [copyright material removed by moderator]

Thank you.

Hi sir, I hope everyone are good in Covid situation.

I wish to obtain the dual branch solution as given in the Article.

Please help me to obtain the dual branch solution in Maple.

The article is here. akbar2014_(1).pdf

Thank you..

How to draw a streamlines by using stream function provided in pdf. In the presence and absence of lambda parameter.

please help me to obtain graphs



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