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Georgios, thank you for all your help along the way for this project. Sincerely without your aid this would never have gotten done in time. The project is now finished! Such a thrill, I missed working on things with Maple. I hope I can share the file with everybody once i've cleaned it all up and made it pretty! - Selcuk.
I would also settle if somebody could tell me if it was possible to make something go up, and then down in a sequence.
Sorry for the double post, I have worked out the GUI set up problem, I merely... just put everything I want on one line, within the same "[ ]" brackets as I had initially thought. I apologize for my rash behavior and post such dribble when really it would have just taken me half an hour of experimenting to figure out. The question still stands though, about Frames. Is it possible to build Frames within the window so alteration to elements within it don't affect the overal size of the Maplet Canvas?
I'm sorry alec, that didn't work in Maple 9. "Error, missing operator or `;`" was the error it gave me after trying to compile it. I couldn't really figure out the problem either. Perhaps not compatible with 9?
I've visited that site many times while searching for tidbits concerning Maplets. I must say I was quite impressed by the collection there. To be honest I didn't mess around with too many files as I am currently focusing on Maplets for Physics, however I will take your advice and dive deeper into the site, truth be told there is ample amount of knowledge that could benefit me there. So I've done some research as it turns out, there is infact no tabs in Maplet (or that i'm aware of, I can't fully see a reason why it should in either case). So then is it possible to add/remove elements in a Maplet by clicking on those menu's? I have reconfigured my designs to suit this method better (not that it was a HUGE change mind you ;), and would like to have one Maplet "canvas" which will store all the global variables in RAM (or possibly into a save file once I get to that part), and the only thing that will change is elements, remove, or add as needed, and filling those elements with the stored variable data. In regard of your comment, then it is possible to make all the Maplets run at once? I had experimented before hand and found I was able to bring up one Maplet at a time (as you mentioned, like a stack). If this is true, and control resides on the last opened Maplet, can the earlier opened Maplets interact with the others? *EDIT* I just realized there a button for this, you may mock me about it later! I've looked inot actions, and it seems you can use "onclick = [action], so I know it's possible to have menu's do actions, but the question remains if I can add or remove elements through those actions (see I already learned something from your first Maplet you posted up on your site Doug, good work on these files)
Thank you greatly Doug, truly that solved the problem, I thought it was just that one error, however it seems my syntax was off. Thanks again.
> with(Maplets[Elements]): > MapleCalculator:=Maplet [ ["Field 1", TextField['TF1'](10)] , ["Field 2", TextField['TF2'](10)] , [Button ("Calculate", Evaluate('TF3' =('TF1' + 'TF2'))] , ["Value: ", "TextField['TF3'](10)] ]: Maplets[Display](MapleCalculator); Error, `]` unexpected I apologize, the additional ">" appeared when I copy pasted, this is what the segment of code really looks like.
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