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Hi Everyone:)


I'm doing a mini project at the moment and I'm pretty stuck with how to go about something on Maple...


My aim is to get the catenoid from an initial cylinder by use of an iterative method.

To find the minimal surface r=g(θ,z) - the catenoid - I want to minimise the Dirichlet integral (in cylindrical polar coordinates)


I have a plot of a cylinder with points singled out.

Firstly, the points are currently given by (x,y,z) but I would like them in terms of (r,θ,z), how can I do this?

Secondly, I was wondering how to assign to each point an [i,j] value? So you could have r[i,j], θ[i,j] and z[i,j] as matrices of the points?


I want to pick 3 random(ish) points from a 3D plot for using in an iterative scheme. 

Is there a way of doing this by just clicking the plot and getting the (x,y,z) values for the specific point or is it something more complicated?




Is there a way of searching a list for two consecutive numbers?

Eg. I have the sequence:


I'm currently working on sequences and can't figure out how to get all of the terms to work modp, is there an easy way of doing this instead of having to use mod(a,p) on each separate term?



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