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Oh thank you that does help. However how do we only print the two values around the sign change? for example in this case it would be :

                                    2, -1
                                    3, 0



Thank you

and also is there a way to display the region of the sign change without displaying all of the results?



no thats not it. ok ill try and elaborate.

for example,

>for x from 1 to 10 do;
   sol:=solve(y=x-5): print(x,sol);
   end do;                                 
                                    1, -2
                                    2, -1
                                    3, 0
                                    4, 1
                                    5, 2
                                    6, 3
                                    7, 4
                                    8, 5
                                    9, 6
                                    10, 7

ok so now i only want maple to display x when y is zero, how to do this?

thank you.




oh right thank you very much. i didnt realise it made any difference within an equation.


thanks again

i see, that last one works thank you very much. but i have another question. How would I do the same thing but for approximately zero, like zero to within about 0.4 for example


thank you

yeah thank you guys, the selectremove solution works, i understand thank you, that works well.  yes the Re(z)>0 not >=0, thank you again.

yeah ok ill try and explain better.

selectremove( z -> Re(z)<0 and Im(z) < 0, ..

this will filter out the negative real(z). ok. and will filter out the negative imaginary(z). But the problem is, there may be complex numbers with positive real and negative imaginary (i.e. a - b*i), and these i dont want. 

so what i want is, negative real(z), negative real, and also negative imaginary numbers only.


making sense?

hello, i have another question regarding the selectremove function. now i need to be able to remove the -ve imaginary values along with the -ve Real(z) and -ve Real. for example,

[-488.7131707, 488.7131707, -508.9035841, 508.9035841, -813.1980103, 813.1980103, -401.6125371*I, 401.6125371*I]

so here there are three -ve Real and one -ve imaginary root. i need my code to be able to select the -ve imaginary root, but also the same code should do this: selectremove( z -> Re(z) >= 0, ... ); as well. please help.

thank youu

ah ok yeah thats cool, thank you very much

yes sorry with L from 1 to 6 it wont work. ignore the L=1 at the beginning. so just

seq([fsolve(cos(beta*L)*cosh(beta*L)-1=0,beta)],L=1..6); .

hi thank you that works

yah thanks, i got maple 12 so the previous one works fine.


hi i have another question actually if you dont mind.

see my results from select remove come as [a,b,c,d...] all negative complex. but i need them in the form {m=a},{m=b}, etc. how do i do this?


thank you


yah thanks that works.

oh thank you i was not puting capital P, thanks

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