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Hello, this is probably a silly question but i am new to maple. I am constructing a loop but it does not accept complex numbers, for example:


for x from 1+I to 1+7I do;


end do;


this is just a simple example, is there a way to do it like this or do i have to do something else?


Thank you very much


Hi, I am trying to filter out solutions of 0 to 5 decimal places (i.e. 0.00000.....) from a loop. How do I do this?


Thank you.

Hello, for some reason this simple equation is not solving, i get the error 'warning , solutions may have been lost ' but I cant figure out why because the equation is so simple. the maple file is attached.View on MapleNet or Download
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Thank you,

Hello if you can help I would really appreciate it.

I have a loop that gives me real, complex and imaginary solutions, and a few zero solutions. I am only interested in the zero solutions and so i only want to see what my input values are when the solution is zero. All i need is some command to discard all solutions except the zero solutions at every interval of the loop so that i can see the corresponding input values.. I tried selectremove but its not really working, is there a way to do this? If this doesnt make sense i can clarify more.

Hi, im having trouble with selectremove. Im trying to select R(z)>=0 or if R(z)=0 then Im(z)>0, i tried this:

selectremove ( if z--> R(z)>=0 else R(z)=0 then Im(z)>0 end if , % );


but its not working, any help would be much appreciated.





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