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I don't have maple  version 13.

Above code works on maple 2020.


What do you mean by share ?

Forumla is not correct.

See attached file:



Are you saying that after 4 years on MaplePrimes, you don't know how to even enter the above equations into Maple?

@Carl Love 

Ok I corrected my answer.



eq := diff(u(x, t), t $ alpha) - diff(u(x, t), x $ 2) - sqrt(u(x, t)^2) + u(x, t)^2 = 0;
IC := [u(x, 0) = 3];
Asolve([eq], IC, index = 16, alpha = 1, x = 0 .. 2, t = 0 .. 1, u = 0 .. 10, output = plot, pade = [20, 20]);

for: u(x,t) > 0.


Or contact the authors of the program for more info.See below:

First all we need all Maple code ,a certain minimum amount of effort is expected from the poster of a question.

Unfortunately it will be hard to help you without actual code we can use to reproduce the issue

@Rouben Rostamian  


It's time to go about it so you don't get far behind the competition like another software aka: Mathematica,COSMOL,Matlab


And when we see  a numeric elliptic solver in Maple.?

@Carl Love 

Yes ,you are absolutey right,Mathematica can't also expand derivatives.

Form here:

we see that for: a parameter first derivative does not exist a closed-form solution.


In Mathematica 12.1 HypergeometricU[1, 1, x] is the same as KummerU(1,1,x) in Maple.



If you want save files *.mws to hard drive then: right click and save target as:

With complicated function probably only hope to get answer is use evalf(Int).


and aac,opus format.

@Thomas Dean 

Code not work's for 2 variable?

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