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With no error massages:

sol := pdsolve([pde, ic], w(x, t), HINT = `*`);

#sol := w(x, t) = exp(t)*invfourier(fourier(f(x), x, s)*exp(-(1/2)*(3*I)*t^2*s), s, x)


Thanks for information.


Thanks for quick fix.


With Physics package version 194 I have an error?



I do not know if this is intended action.Maybe KroneckerDelta function in Physics is different than in math.



This should be something like this?


#Originally _Z9, renamed _Z9~:
  is assumed to be: AndProp(integer,RealRange(0,0))


Update intsolve to solve linear and non-linear integro-differential , systems and integral equation,systems for symbolic and numeric.


Update pdsolve ,numeric to solve partial differential equations for three,four(and more) independent variables.

And solve elliptic PDEsIt's been seven years now and Maple is still standing still.

Very briefly: Maple dosen't know the answer.

More info in Documentation:



@Rouben Rostamian  

Mathematica better handle multidimensional integrals numerically than Maple :)

Harder  example:

Int(exp(-b^4-c^4-a^3), [a = b^2/(4*c) .. infinity, c = 0 .. infinity, b = -infinity .. infinity]);


My workaround dosen't work very fast now, Maple calculations never ending.


MMA solve with about 2.88451 second.


Oh, Yes my silly mistake.With correction answers are the same. 



About volume, Mathematica gave me a different results:


I2 := 2;

Optimization:-NLPSolve(I2*(I3-I1)/((I3-I2)*(I2-I1)), {I1+I2 >= I3, 0 <= I1, I1 <= I2, I2 <= I3}, assume = nonnegative);

#[Float(infinity), [I1 = 1., I3 = 2.]]

It's seems Maple FAILS in this case I3 = 2 ?



Thanks for explanation.

Simulation in  MMA and another stuff.

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