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Change file extensions -> to Asympt.nb


Mine is:




plots[odeplot](de, [x, diff(y(x),x,x,x)], x=0..1);

The plot is incorrect !



@Carl Love 

should be:

J:= Int(I*sqrt((R*exp(I*theta)+1)/(R*exp(I*theta)-a)), theta= 0..Pi)


J:= Int(I*sqrt((R*exp(I*theta)+1)/(R*exp(I*theta)+a)), theta= 0..Pi): 

Its not the same.

@Carl Love 

RootOf function should handle a branch cuts.

Maple can't this integral to solve:

Mariusz Iwaniuk

Thank you for your answer.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 
Thank you for your answers.




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