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Thanks for explanation.

Simulation in  MMA and another stuff.



It means that pdsolve is design to not solving PDE with weak solution?

Answer is simple, Maple is not a magic box that'll spit out a solution to any problem.

Probably  tripel integral is equal to Zero. My crystall ball that says.

Where is the integral ?

What have you tried?


Workarounds always exist,but disgust always remains.


@Rouben Rostamian  

de := diff(u(x), x, x)+u(x)*(diff(u(x), x))-u(x) = exp(2*x);

bc := u(0) = exp(0), u(1) = exp(1);

dsol := dsolve({bc, de}, numeric,range = -1 .. 2);

plots:-odeplot(dsol, x = -1 .. 2, view = 0 .. 3);


#Warnings and Errors ?

Where is my plot on rage -1..2 ?

It seems Mathematica is smarter than Maple.



Thanks :)


Yes,I have this errors messagess from FindRoot.

Increasing in ParametricNDSolve to WorkingPrecision -> 25 helps.


My code is terribly slow and  needs to  completely for rework.

I do not have time for such a job.

I not a guru in Mathematica I'm still learning.

Maybe you can ask here.



For  table 40x40  and more probably you  need increase:

1.Digits:                      15 or 20

2.In dsolve:                abserr = 0.1e-50 ?

3. In dsolve:               changing: method=numericmethod (maybe there is a better method(faster))

4. In findroot code:   {guard::posint:=1,maxtries::posint:=1600} ?Explanation for these number See link. For table 40x40 is: posint:=1600


For sure computation times  increase very quickly.




Can you explain,what is number 5 and 50 in this code below:




I attached MMA notebook if it's useful to



What is the correct answer, because I'm not sure of my answer for OP ?

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