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Hi. I'm a very new Maple user, but I don't think that this qualifies as a Newbie question. Has anybody had problems when trying to write directly to a PS file from within the Maple GUI on OS 10.4.3 for Mac? Consider the following: currentdir(kernelopts(homedir)): plotsetup(ps,plotoutput=""): plot(sin(x),x=0..2*Pi); Running this code from the command-line works as expected, but running this from the GUI interface usually returns: Error, Error in device driver: plot terminated The strange thing is that about 10% of the time, the above code actually will work from the GUI. I cannot produce failure or success consistently in the GUI. I have tried this on both a G4 and a G5. Am I the only user who has had this problem?
I've decided to start using maple in commandline mode on Mac OS 10.4.3 since it is much faster then running the full GUI. My question is: Has any Mac user of Maple 10.0.2 been able to get it to display its plots in x11 windows? I am running the Apple X11 server and I can successfully display x11 graphics (I ran xlogo successfully for example). I tried to set the graphics output to x11, but I get the following: > plotsetup(x11); > plot(x,x=0..1); Plotting error, plot driver not found I see no reason why this shouldn't work. Is there some other way to print graphics from the commandline on the Mac that I'm overlooking?
I'm a new Maple user with an installation of Maple 10 on mac OS X. I'm trying to make system command calls so that I can convert eps files to to pdf using system("epstopdf foo.eps") This works, but Maple insists on putting the result in a popup window which I then have to manually click to close. Does anybody know how to disable this? Also, how could I get the resulting text output from a system call so that I can manipulate it in Maple. Thanks! - Mark
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