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The EPS files exported from Maple 16/17 cannot be read into Word 2010. This seems to be a problem with the import filter of  Word, which oviously tries to interpret the postscript code, while older filters just embedded the EPS file.

One workaround is to import the EPS file first into Corel Draw and then export again as EPS from Corel Draw. Corel Draw also interprets the postscript code and creates a new EPS file which is compatible with Word. Probably by not using some Postscript Level 3 features which maple uses - not sure. Unfortunately Maple exports text as curves, so that text is not editable in Corel Draw.

However, this procedure gives you the high quality (scalable vector graphics) that you probably want.

There might be other tools which can import, interpret and export postscript files.



Thank You for these hints.

One of my problems with Postscipt export is that text is rendered as outlines (filled shapes) and not as text.

This makes it impossible to edit text e.g. to improve the graph by importing into Corel Draw. I would prefer an option to either use real truetype/postscript fonts OR to use a purely graphical representation. using text would also reduce the size of such plot files.



Thank you all for the comments. It is great if users come up with useful workarounds.

Nevertheless I think such things should be repaired and streamlined in Maples plot commands and options.

Unfortunately there are many of these often small but frustrating bugs and annoyances in Maple and I would prefer to have them fixed before introducing too many new features.


BTW: Is there an offoicial channel for bug reports or should they be posted here? This web site offers many things, but no clear way to submit simple bug reports.


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