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Dear Development Team,

obviously this is an acient topic, but I can only repeat the wish to be able to specify the size of a plot in a Document by adding a parameter like "size = [640, 480]" to the plot command or to plots[display]. This would allow to specify plot size and easily create plots having the same size withouzt having to manually drag the plot window.

I do not understand why this feature was never implemented, as this was asked very, very often and it should not be soooo difficult....

Dear Maple Developers,

Maple offers OpenMaple, which is nice and sufficient for driving Maple from extermal applications.

On the other hand Maple offers only very limited support for calling Java methods from maple (static emthods only, no objects).

So it is only possible with programming some extra static Java adapter classes to work with Java objects and their methods. This is a very cimbersome and clumsy workaround only.

Compared to applications...

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