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 I've been using Maple since 1997 or so.

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 The best definition for the MRB constant that I know of is found at


Up until...

Fun interactive paradox about the MRB constant.

Comes with free Mathematica player.

I will use this post for a list of conclusions drawn from MRB constant N and the many similar approximations that I have found. 

Let x= MRB Constant.   Each approximation is followed by a maple input so you can verify these approximations. 

Since sometime in 2006 I've been posting my thoughts of and discoveries concerning the MRB constant here on Maple Primes, and I will continue to do so. My hope, however, has been to publish some of my better ideas in a larger forum. I want to thank all of you for putting up with the roughness of many of my ideas when I first posted them. I still hope to refine and publish many of those rough concepts.

Here my first published paper.


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