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 I've been using Maple since 1997 or so.

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As defined at the MRB constant is


The MRB constant =    sum((-1)^n*(n^(1/n)-1), n = 1 .. infinity)


Concerning the following divergent and convergent series, we see that

sum((-1)^n*(n^(1/n)-x), n = 1 .. infinity)=


Here is the progress made in the investigation of what I call the convergents constants:

I wonder if anyone would be interested in adding anything to it. I would like to see the convergents constants studied some in Maple to compare with my Mathematica results; my investigation is in dire need of some proof other than my...

I've made a little progress in definig a new set of constants from the generalized continued fraction that I mentioned in my previos post.



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