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It's a good thing that you plan to offer a conversion service on your host. Please let us know about your progress here in the forum. I have 3 long exercises urgently waiting for conversion and it seems not realistic to post them by email there and back from first sketch to final edu file. Thanks a lot in advance Michael Kaplan Technische Universität München
In the meantime the brownstone site is down for more than 10 days! I got a response from brownstone that they have a hardware problem but this was 5 days ago. I have no idea why they need so much time to plug in some new parts. I agree with other comments that MapleTA is nearly useless without the latex2edu functionality. The dependence of a third party server is a very bad solution. Maplesoft should react and provide a fallback server for this funcionality. I have no understanding for the fact that we don't get any support by Maplesoft in this case. Michael Kaplan Technische Universität München
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