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I use combinat[randperm] in MapleTA to get random permutations. But everytime I call the corresponding question bank, I get the same sequence of permutations. Even a randomize();with(combinat);randperm... doesn't change this behaviour but every single student should get different homeworks. Any idea?

I usually write my question banks with LaTeX.


The manual says:

The LaTeX package epsfig is loaded by default. The ed package is required. Other standard LaTeX packages, for example, amsmath, can be included using the \usepackage macro.


But if I start my document with


and use for example \mathfrak{P} I only get a blank box instead of this symbol in my question bank.

Hi, I'm just writing a question bank for some simple integration exercises. This causes some problems with the constants of integration and the syntax of maple graded questions: If I ask for int(1/sqrt(x^2+4),x) one student could give the correct answer ln(x+sqrt(x^2+4)) and another one could give arcsinh(x/2), which is correct as well but with another additive constant. In formula mode one of these results would not be acknowledged as correct. Therefore I tried to use maple graded questions and compare the differentiated results. I used the syntax like in the manual at http://www.brownstone.net/support/edu/authoring/index.html
I have a class with about 400 students. For the new term I opened a new class which will have about the same audience like the one before. Therefore I would like to copy all student accounts but start with empty gradebooks. As far as I saw it's possible to upload a class roster but it's not possible to download it. Could anybody tell me an easy solution for this problem?
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