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I have the following PDE system steaming from Flash Photolysis:

pdesys := [diff(J(x, t), x) = varepsilon*J(x, t)*C(x, t), diff(C(x, t), t) = phi*varepsilon*J(x, t)*C(x, t)]

when I use pdsolve(pdesys,[J,C]) I get:

{C(x, t) = 0, J(x, t) = _F1(t)}, {C(x, t) = _F1(x)*_C1, J(x, t) = 0}

The solution appears to be either C(x,t) = 0 or J(x,t) = 0. This are the obvious solutions (0 = 0). I have the analytical solution to this PDE system where neither C(x,t) nor J(x,t) are 0.

How to solve this system in maple? Thanks.


How do I create a function from dsolve() result?

For example, dsolve() outputs:

u(t) = u0ea t

then I would like to create function:

u := t → u0ea t

but I want to do it using dsolve() output, not typing it manually. Thanks.

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