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I have a function. It's calculating coefficients of a polynomial.

So when it's done, I have the variables a0, a1, a2,a3 ... aN

where N is an input value and could be any positive integer.


Now, I just want to show them on the screen. So if I have, say , a0=1.3 and a1=5.76, I want this to appear:

1.3x + 5.76x2


That's all. I just want a loop that does this:

for term from 1 to N do:

    print( a0 ); print (x^N); print ("+");


so all the terms come out on the same line, as in my example above. I've tried so many ways, but each time it ignores the numerical values of a0 and just writes "a0" on the screen, or breaks it up into a set, or puts || marks everywhere, or does it on sequential lines, or something or something or something.

I'm trying to numerically calculate the following:

int(e^(-1.5*t)/sqrt(t*(t+1)), t = 1 .. infinity)

But Maple can't do it.

I then made it a lot simpler and tried to calculate the following:

evalf(int ((e^(-t)), t=1..infinity));


Thats just e^(-t), integrated from t=1 to t=infinity.


Maple just gives me back the original equation in the first case, and in the second gives me a limit that I can see has a numerical answer, but Maple can't. Is this something Maple should be able to do and I'm just now pushing the right buttons? I'm using Maple 12, which I know is old and limited, but these really aren't very complicated numerical integrations.




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