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I wonder if this is the right way to plot following function. > restart: > huur:=t->400*(1.01)^ceil(t); floor(t) huur := t -> 400 1.01 > plot(huur(t),t=0..50,discont=true); As you can see I have a the function huur(t) with t a positive integer. I can't find another way to plot this function except by making use of the floor function. Isn't there a better way? Asumming that t is a positive integer didn't worked.
Hi, This is the condition for the components of a vectorfunction Ax,Ay and Az. vgln := RTABLE(151543900,MATRIX([[-3*y^2-2*z], [2*z-3*x^2], [3*x^2+3*y^2]],["x", "y", "z"],"field"),Vector[column]) = RTABLE(163769092,MATRIX([[diff(Az(x,y,z),y)-diff(Ay(x,y,z),z)], [diff(Ax(x,y,z),z)-diff(Az(x,y,z),x)], [diff(Ay(x,y,z),x)-diff(Ax(x,y,z),y)]],["x", "y", "z"],"field"),Vector[column]) Can someone help me solving this equation? Thank you,
Hi, I have numerous terms all of the type opl[i]:= ... with i an integer . Now I want to calculate the total sum of all these terms. I've already worked with a commando like: "for i from 1 to 4 do opl[i]:=... end do;" but I can't find a way to make the sum of multiple terms. By the way is there a site of a good handbook where I could learn more about programming in Maple and make animated curves or objects?
I want to simplify following expresion by assuming that n is even or uneven. Is it possible to let Maple do this for you?

n~ Pi n~ Pi
-2 sin(-----) + cos(-----) n~ Pi
2 2
b[n~] = - --------------------------------
Pi n~
How can I plot the following function? x = cos(t) + 2*cos(2*t); y = sin(t) + 2*sin(2*t); To be clear this is one function. Thank you in advance.
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