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Is it possible to plot a parameterfunction in Maple? Something like: x:=t^2-1; y:=t^3-t
I have defined a function in a parameter form x:= .... y:= .... and I have defined a circle in a parameter form X:= .... Y:= .... Now I want to calculate the intersectionpoints. I could use: solve(x=X,t) and solve (y=Y,t) but the teacher teached me that some points are going lost if you use to separate commando's. Now is the question what's the commando for combining these two solves. My concrete example: restart:x:=2*cos(t)+cos(2*t); x := 2 cos(t) + cos(2 t) > y:=2*sin(t)-sin(2*t); > y := 2 sin(t) - sin(2 t) Circle:
This is my worksheet: > a:=10: > f:=6: > for i from 1 to 12 do b[i]:=arrow(r[i],F[i])od: F[i] are predefined vectors and r[i] are the points form which they start. > with(plots): > with(plottools): > A:=seq(b[i],i=1..12): > > > B:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[a,0,0],thickness=3,color=black): > C:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[0,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > unprotect(D): > D:=plottools[line]([a,0,0],[a,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > E:=plottools[line]([a,a,0],[0,a,0],thickness=3,color=black): > > F:=plottools[line]([0,0,0],[0,0,a],thickness=3,color=black): > G:=plottools[line]([a,0,0],[a,0,a],thickness=3,color=black):
My questions are formuled in the worksheet. Again sorry for my terrible English. Greetz Pieter Download 2714_Problems.mws
View file details Edit: I have 2 implicit deffined functions. How can I calculate their intersections?
I've already found the commando's logplot and loglogplot on my own. The first defines a log scale for the y axe. The second defines a log scale for both the axes. Now is my question where could I find the command for plotting a log scale for the x axe. I suspect it is something special because I could not find it in the library plots. My excuses for my terrible English! Greetz Pieter
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