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Thanks for the response.  Double-clicking on the Matrix gives me exactly what I wanted.  Right-clicking provides a context menu however "Browse" is not listed in the menu as we might expect.  I don't know why browse is not in the context menu but with the feature available by double-clicking this is a nice work-around.  Thanks for the help.

I don't know about Maple 7, but in Maple 11 the ImportData() command can be used to setup the calling parameters interactively.  Then select "Maple command" in the "On close return the output as" section.

I had an error in my code that caused the Matrix operation to be non-sensical.  Once I corrected the contents of the Matrix it ran very quickly.  Still it would be a nice enhancement to be able to interrupt the operation.  I suppose the work-aorund of killing the server process is not so terrible since the font-end still allows me to save my work.  Thanks for the clarification.

This Emacs mode looks exciting.  Thanks.

Thank you for the quick reply.  Sorry for not having provided more details in the original post.  My background is as a programmer and my use-case for Maple is prototyping new algorithms.  I am following a particular pattern in my use of Maple.

1. Load my test data and explore it using one-off Maple commands in Document mode.

2. Evolve the one-off approach into a repeatable series.

3. Create a Maple procedure to hold the series.

4. Scale-up by reimplementing in another language or calling from another system using a programmatic interface to Maple.

I have found Maple to be very comfortable for steps 1 and 2.  I am strugging with step 3 and have not yet reached step 4.  I tried the "Maple Input" (1D) style in "Worksheet Mode."  Other than the mode errors I keep making in forgetting to use SHIFT+ENTER in place of ENTER this seems to be a nicer way to write up a procedure or long loop.  I notice that the body of the code is all red text.  Is there a facility for syntax highlighting and auto-indenting analogous to what I mind find in Emacs or NetBeans?

For your second suggesiton you mention preparing the code in a text file.  Is there an Emacs Maple-mode that I could use for something like this?  Is this a typical thing to do or are there reasons to remain in the Maple interface?

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